If you are working in a high stress job with long hours then you would have realized that after some time you do feel tired and drowsy. However, a cup of chai coffee can keep lethargy away and get you back on your feet as the caffeine in tea or coffee kicks in after a few sips of these refreshing hot or cold drinks.

Both tea and coffee have been enjoyed by various people in various forms all around the world through centuries. However, constant innovation has brought about new methods of roasting coffee beans and tea leaves to offer better taste and texture. While tea is made from black or green tea leaves, coffee is made from green coffee beans or brown coffee beans depending on whether they are roasted or whether you plan to roast them in your own coffee roaster. Both tea and coffee contain high levels of caffeine which is the principal ingredient in providing a swift rush of invigoration upon drinking chai coffee in any form.

Tea or chai as it is known in several Asian countries including Sri Lanka and India is also enjoyed in hot or cold form. It is also made with or without milk as is coffee. However, as coffee contains a higher amount of caffeine, it is also imparted with a slightly bitter taste that is usually compensated by using milk, cream and sugar to come up with delightful variations such as cappuccino, latte, etc.

Coffee beans can also be brewed in a coffee maker to make plain coffee or can be injected with hot steam through a special coffee machine to make espresso coffee. While you can do your own chai or coffee brewing at home you can also turn into an expert barista by learning the finer nuances of brewing your own coffee or can visit coffee-houses run by experts.

Starbucks is one such coffee house that offers a wide variety of coffees and teas, and you can certainly embark on an exciting experience by trying out their various liquid creations. However, some of their variations contain a lot of sugar and calories, and if you are weight-conscious then you can make your own low-calorie variations right at home.

All you need are the right flavors that can enhance the taste of your tea or coffee and take your daily drinking experience on to a higher level. You can buy tea and coffee flavors that include chocolate, melon, amaretto, hazelnut, raspberry, vanilla and several other to blend it in your plain coffee and turn it into a coffee that is even richer in aroma and taste, but low in calories. You will only require 2ml to provide that rich flavor that will totally change the way in which you drink your coffee.

If you have a hectic lifestyle and want a break at regular intervals that will not only help you relax but also rejuvenate your senses again then a chai coffee break is the best way. You can now sip on your favorite flavor while also experimenting with new and tasty flavors so as to keep your passion in drinking tea or coffee alive and kicking at all times. You can easily turn any ordinary cup of tea or coffee into gourmet chai or gourmet coffee by blending it with the right flavor for that day.