Allow each roasted coffee bean to rejuvenate your senses

Rather than buy readymade roasted beans you should buy green coffee beans and roast them yourself to allow each roasted coffee bean to rejuvenate your senses. You can ensure the freshness of your coffee only if you engage in coffee roasting in your own home.

The coffee that you receive in brown roasted or green un-roasted form is very different from what is plucked in coffee plantations all around the globe. The beans have a skin covering that is removed and the beans are cleaned and dried before they are either roasted or dispatched in raw form to dealers before ultimately being sold to you. Since coffee beans lose their freshness within 10 days of being roasted it is important that you buy your beans only from dealers that have packed them in airtight pouches after roasting them. However, once the beans are roasted by dealers or manufacturers then the cost increases substantially and you can easily cut down your costs by roasting the beans in your own home.

On the other hand you can remove the suspense of the freshness of roasted beans from your life forever by roasting your own coffee beans before your own eyes. All you need is an efficient coffee roaster in your home. You can buy cheap popcorn roasters but you might only end up reducing its effectiveness by roasting coffee beans inside it. A better option would be to invest in a sturdy hot air coffee roasting machine or a drum roasting machine for larger batches. In this way each roasted coffee bean will sport an even roast and you will also be able to set the roasting machine for a specific light, medium or dark roast.

As each small green coffee bean heats up in the roaster it releases the moisture that is till stored within its body. The bean starts to swell up in size and the color starts turning a light shade of brown that darkens as the roasting process continues. You will hear a crack after around 6 to 8 minutes and you can allow the roasting to continue for a couple of more minutes for a medium roast. You will hear another crack after around 12 to 15 minutes of roasting. This will result in dark coffee beans that are excellent for making strong coffee and variants such as espresso coffee and cappuccino provided you ground them finely after the roasting process.

You should let your roasted beans cool down for a day so as to also allow all trapped gases inside the bean to escape. You now have freshly roasted beans that can be ground and brewed to make deliciously fresh coffee that emits mouthwatering aroma and flavor each time they are brewed. You can further enhance the taste of your refreshing coffee by blending in sugar-free flavors. You can easily order these mouth-watering flavors over the internet and exploit the taste of your freshly roasted coffee beans to the fullest by adding a tasty new dimension to it.

Roasting your own coffee beans makes economic and palatable sense since you can now make different types of coffee drinks in a cost effective manner while also controlling the level of roasting and the freshness of your coffee too. You will also have an even roast as each roasted coffee bean will be roasted to perfection before your very eyes.